And the winner is…. Gold by Chris Cleave! 

The book comes out this Tuesday, so pre-order it nowLet’s read the first quarter of the book, stopping at page 88, by Friday, July 13th. That Friday at 1 pm ET we’ll host a live chat and discuss the book so far. 

For more info on the book, here’s a video of Chris Cleave explaining his novel. Also, did we mention Chris is on Tumblr!? And speaking of Tumblrs, make sure you’re following this one

Thank you to everyone who voted! Happy reading! 

Guh, I did not read the date correctly! I read the first section all on Tuesday. Now I am up to speed a week early and trying to resist reading further. Book Club problems.

Any other Book Club problems we should be careful of?

Not being able to get newer books from the library in a timely fashion; discovering the book is massive and you’re going to get a back injury lugging it around; having to listen to non-book clubbers recommend 50 Shades of Grey to your book club; (for in-person book clubs) accidentally selecting a venue that’s trying host trivia night during your book club; selecting the appropriate number of cocktails to have during book club.

I find the cocktails issue depends on the book. For more somber books I recommend keeping it to a minimum to avoid harsh judgements from fellow book clubbers. For whimsical (or boring) books I say, go to town! This is a hobby, not homework.